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Individual Health Insurance Options

If you’ve lost your job-based health insurance, you have options:

  1. Continue your current coverage by signing up for COBRA health insurance.
  2. Replace it with another plan, options include: Individual health plan (in or out of the Marketplace), The Oregon Health Plan, a short-term policy, or health insurance coverage through a new employer.


Allows you to keep your current coverage thru your employer for up to 18 months if you’ve lost your job due to a layoff. You pay the full premium and possibly a 2% additional administrative fee. Your employer will send you a COBRA notice to elect or waive COBRA.

If your company is less than 20 employees you can select State Continuation for 9 months (in Oregon).

Other Plan Options

Losing your employer coverage creates a qualifying event. When a person experiences a qualifying event (QE) they enter a special enrollment period (SEP) or an open enrollment window. This window extends 60 day after the QE. Please enroll prior to the 15th of the months to allow for paperwork and processing for plans to begin on the 1st.

Individual Health Insurance Plan

There are numerous carriers and plans to choose from. A few guidelines for insurance carrier plan selection are included on the next page.

Individual Health Insurance Plan through the ACA Marketplace (The Exchange)

You may qualify for the Affordable Care Act (ACA) Marketplace plans which may enable you get a subsidy or tax credit. Learn more. (To receive continued guidance from CSNW Benefits, enter the following broker name and number when prompted: John Magryta, NPN# 7932124)

Washington Residence can enroll through

Oregon Health Plan

You may qualify for The Oregon Health Plan depending on your household income. Learn More.

Call a Community Partner for assistance with enrollment or to change CCO’s (networks): NARA-503-688-1240 or Outside In-503-583-6659.

Short-Term Health Insurance Policy

Provides affordable, temporary coverage and often has high deductibles.  Coverage ceases at end of coverage period even if you are receiving treatment. Learn more and apply.


If you are of Medicare age, please contact John Magryta for plan selection and enrollment: 503-542-4098.

Guidelines for Insurance Carrier Plan Selection

Plans vary with design and price. Insurance plans are based on metallic levels that increase or decreases the amount of coverage, Gold, Silver and Bronze are three examples. The better the coverage the higher the cost.

  • Bronze H S A plan (which only has preventive coverage prior to the high deductible). This should be used as a “catastrophic” plan.
  • Silver level plans fits as a good balance between cost and coverage.
  • Gold level plans offer more coverage and a lower deductible.

Insurance Carriers:

While there are more carriers, to simplify we recommend the following:

  • Kaiser: Usually offer less expensive plans but plan participants can only receive care from Kaiser and Portland Clinic doctors/facilities. Enroll online now. This form is required to enroll for a separate enrollment period (SEP).
  • PacificSource: Participants can receive care from both in and out of network providers. PacificSource uses the Legacy network of Doctors/Facilities. Enroll online now.
  • Providence: Uses the Providence network of Doctors/Facilities (utilizes Medical Homes). Enroll online now. (To receive continued guidance from CSNW Benefits, please enter the following broker name and number when prompted: John Magryta, Providence #203923.)

CSNW Benefits is ready and able to support you and your colleagues during this time or transition. For individual insurance and Medicare related questions, contact John Magryta, 503-542-4098.

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