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Identity Theft Protection from MyIDCare™

Identity theft is the fastest growing crime and consumer complaint in the U.S. and the most recent Equifax breach exposed personal information for more than ½ the US adult population. Likely some of your most sensitive and valuable personal information was compromised in the breach. Hackers seized names, social security numbers, birth dates, addresses and even some driver's license information. We want to make sure you and your employees are protected.

We have selected MyIDCare to provide you and your employees the added peace of mind and security of identity protection.


MyIDCare includes:

Monitoring & Alert Technology

Credit monitoring
CyberScan internet and dark web monitoring
Social Security Trace
Court Record
Change of Address

White Glove Care from Experts

Unlimited access to experts
Fully managed identity recovery
Lost Wallet service

Comprehensive Protection

$1 Million reimbursement Insurance
Stolen funds reimbursement
100% Success Rate

Employers - for less than $4 per month, you can protect yourself and your employees from the uncertainty and stress of identity theft. Contact us for more details about company sponsored plans.

Individuals & Families - save $2.00-$5.00 a month on voluntary plans.