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28 April
LivingEasy with SelfHelpWorks


Moderator: Bobbi Kloss
Speakers: Jim Skinner, Bryan Noar, Craig Bissell

The recent socialization mandates, including “shelter in place," has and will continue to take a toll on many, both physically (i.e., weight gain – the “quarantine 15”) and emotionally through the unhealthy attachments that often accompany boredom, anxiety and the perceived need for greater comfort. The net effect is people not only feeling down and depressed, but more stressed too.

LivingEasy™ – Creating Calm & Resiliency - is just one of SHWs many core programs.

Learn how the eight (8) session LivingEasy course addresses the stress-promoting beliefs and thoughts that cause much of the drama, trauma and distress that people may experience in their life and relationships. This program works to transform the perception of the events and relationships identified by participants as causing them the most distress, into experiences that cause less impact and even a source of empowerment. This course is led by Diane Hambrick, MD and includes pre-recorded video training and coaching sessions, actualization activities, and tools including mobile companion app and support e-mail.


Date and Time

Tue, Apr 28, 2020

10:00a - 11:00a PST



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