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26 May


Unfortunately, due to low participation we’ve decided to cancel this session. We’d love to provide resources and or schedule a personal one on one with our advisers to review any hot buttons and apply strategies of topic specific to your needs.  You can book a call with Reilly Anderson via this link or call Jennifer at 503-542-4083 to get an appointment scheduled or request resources.

Dan O'Doherty & Reilly Anderson
Employee Benefits Advisors, CSNW Benefits

Specifically for large group, level and self-funded plans with 50 or more full-time equivalent employees, this session identifies and explores alternative funding healthcare system trends and solutions that can be implemented to mitigate or reduce increasing claims and premiums. Whether you’re curious if your company would be a good self-funded fit or just want to learn the basic concepts, we’ll help you address three objectives that serve as game-changers for your organization and its bottom line:
  • Lower employer costs
  • Lower member costs
  • Improve healthcare experience & outcomes
This session will identify and explore advanced healthcare strategies that contain costs and enhance the quality of care provided. We’ll explain how employers working with their benefit team and data analytics:
  • Evaluate the quality of care provided to eliminate unnecessary treatment and low-quality care
  • Identify opportunities to improve the primary care experience to address and manage chronic conditions for long-term health
  • Evaluate pharmaceutical spend and programs to put strategies in place to control costs
  • Engage and educate employees to make sound healthcare decisions
Don’t miss this opportunity to learn how to navigate the complex landscape of advanced strategies available to improve your organization’s physical, mental and financial health.

Cost: Cascade Member Price & CSNW Clients* - $FREE; Standard Price - $75.00
*contact for a discount code.

Date and Time

Wed, May 26, 2021

9:00a - 10:00a PST



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