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You're busy ... let us be your HR compliance experts

It's hard to stay compliant when state and federal regulations change so frequently, but failure to comply can be stressful and expensive.

As a business owners or managers you have to wear many hats...not only running the business but managing payroll, supervising employees, and staying on the right-side of state and federal rules and regulations.

Your team of experts is just a phone call away

Our hotline advisors have been in the trenches as HR directors and managers dealing with the same issues you encounter each day. They have the experience and know-how to solve even the most complex HR issues. These senior level, PHR® and SPHR® professionals have national and state-level expertise and can advise on topics ranging from disability accommodations to employee engagement.

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Access to over 200 courses that develop employees and ensure compliance

Access to over 200 courses that develop employees and ensure compliance

The best strategy to stay on top of the ever-changing regulatory landscape is to implement an ongoing training program for managers, supervisors, and employees.

As a client, you get access to online training courses that ensure compliance, reduce risk, and drive employee engagement and to an intuitive admin dashboard and robust reporting system.

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News and analysis to stay current and compliant with changing regulations

We provide our clients with an award-winning online library that delivers comprehensive, easy-to-navigate human resources and benefits news, content, tools, and forms.

Our online HR library also features dynamic interactive HR tools, such as a job description builder and a salary benchmarking tool. You’ll also find easy, step-by-step guidance on how to comply with major laws--including ACA, COBRA, and FMLA--as well as key HR functions, such as hiring and terminating employees. Whether you have five employees or 500, our comprehensive, easy-to-use site makes it easy to stay compliant.

Online HR Library Features:

  • Interactive compliance guides that provide step-by-step direction on how to properly conduct performance reviews, interview, hire, and terminate employees
  • Benefits Compliance Calendar
  • Step-by-step interactive guide for implementing COBRA and FMLA
  • Fast, efficient online HR tools for developing job descriptions and salary benchmarking
  • Over 700 downloadable forms, posters, and model notices
  • Federal and state employment law information
  • Monthly HR and benefits newsletter
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Tools to make your job easier and expertise to keep you compliant

Tools to make your job easier and expertise to keep you compliant

We're always searching for new tools and services to make your business run more effectively. That's why we provide you with Value Partnerships— additional services and tools for your insurance and benefits needs. Value Partnerships take the worry of compliance and management out of your hands.

  • COBRA Outsourcing
    Complicated COBRA and state continuation regulations require precise timing to avoid non-compliance fines. Utilize our COBRA solution and be secure that you are in compliance.
  • FSA Administration
    Allows participants to have money deducted from their pay on a pre-tax basis to pay for medical expenses not covered by another health plan. Control contributions and garner convenient tax savings on a wide variety of health care expenses.
  • HRA Administration
    Fill in the gaps left by health insurance plans by offering your employees funding for their eligible, uninsured health expenses. Our fully customizable health reimbursement accounts (HRAs) are perfect for pairing with a high-deductible health plan, giving participants the ability to control health care spending
New Tool! Recognition for the modern workforce

New Tool! Recognition for the modern workforce

Nectar is the most flexible and cost-effective way for modern workforces to foster appreciation and connection across all teams, anywhere. Maintain culture, boost morale and promote core values without the hassle of managing your own internal program.

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