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Association Health Plans are one of the best available solutions for small to mid-sized employers seeking high quality and cost-effective employee benefit programs

CSNW Benefits is the is the Managing General Agent for the Pacific Northwest Employers Life, Health Insurance Trust, a program of Cascade Employers Association. This program provides human resources and employee benefit solutions to Oregon companies allowing them access to the same purchasing power as large firms.

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As Appointed Agent for Oregon and Washington association plans we ensure you get the best plan at the best price that matches the specific needs of your company.

We can help you determine if the following association plans meet your needs:

  • Northwest Automotive Trades Association (NATA)
  • Oregon Business and Industry (OBI)
  • Pacific Northwest Employers Life & Health Insurance Trust (PNET)
  • United Employers Association (UEA)
  • Vigilant
  • Washington Automotive Industry Association Health Trust

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